History of Bass in 100 Tracks

Hello world!

Hello world!

This is my first post of my new weblog History Of Bass, a celebration of Bass Music from Drum & Bass to UK Garage to House, and all in between.

A little introduction

My name is Benjamin Rumble a 32 year old Australian, now residing in Vancouver, Canada. I've been meaning to get into writing more, as it's never been a strong point of mine, and have thought for a while what I'd write about. My interests are world news, gadgets, software development, cycling, running and music.

Obviously writing about something you're interested in is a good start, so it'd have to have been one of those. Then a few weeks ago I was listening to Skream and Benga's show on BBC Radio 1, specifically the "History Of Bass in 100 Tracks" segment.

History Of Bass in 100 tracks

Most weeks Skream and Benga have a guest DJ or producer on, and they're tasked with selecting a track to add to this list. It's based on choosing a track that has had an impact on them, or the Bass Music/Dance Music scene in general. Most of the selections are Drum & Bass or UK Garage, but a number of surprising choices come up here and there.

Since their first show, in April 2012, they've had artists such as Adam F, Friction, Justin Martin and DJ Zinc pick a track, so for people that know the scene, or these aritists, it's interesting to hear what they think of as "classic" tracks.

This weblog

I thought I'd like a list of all of the History Of Bass in 100 tracks that have been chosen. I searched around the Web and couldn't find a definitive list, so went about creating my own. After finding a few of the tracks, I figured I should share them with others, hence this site.

The content here is going to be focused around the Skream and Benga show selections, with some of my own choices thrown in every now and again. Also general posts about "old school" or classic bass tunes. If you started listening to dance music before 2002 you'll hopefully find something of interest on this site.

You can follow the site on Twitter and please join the Google+ Community where you can post music you like, and comment on the articles posted here.